Casey Poier Art Director

Hey There, I’m an Art Director and Photographer that can speak design to developers (I like to code). I’m based in Seattle, WA. I’ve been at it for 10 years now and worked with some amazing people. I’ve got one kid – he’s a bulldog, his name’s Kevin.

From Montana to the city

I grew up in a small town in NW Montana (yep, there was a speed limit and no, I didn’t ride a horse to school. Legitimate questions I’ve been asked since moving to the city.) I studied at the University of Montana – the Harvard of the West (highly debated amongst some scholars…). 

I cut my teeth in the ad agency world before going client side, in which I worked in the startup tech space until landing a dream gig in the outdoor space.

I love extremely spicy food (just ask anyone that knows me), the culture of the city, the solitude of being in the mountains, and bulldogs (I’ve got one, his name’s Kevin). 


2016 - 2020
Content Producer/Photographer - REI
2014 - 2016
Sr. Designer - REI
2013 - 2014
Art Director - Mobivity
2011 - 2013
Art Director - Destination Marketing
2011 - 2013
Designer - IdeaMensch