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REI - Freelance client work - For Fun




Graphic Design
Concept Art Direction


The below is a random assortment of logo marks and graphic treatments I've done over the years. The work encompasses a combination of stuff I've done for fun, freelance clients and internal work at REI. So treatments are in use today and others are just representative pieces that I've done simply because I enjoy the craft and expressing some creative liberties....just for me. Check back for updates as this piece is ever evolving.


This is simply a representative sample of art that I've created over the years. Mostly for fun and some for profit. Having never defined myself as an "Illustrator" or traditional "Graphic Artist", this work encompasses my love for minimal design and flat colors. My role here is "null" meaning that Im choosing not to define it. It's evolving and, hopefully for the better - so be sure and check back for future updates.