Rise. Shine. Repeat.




Vuori Outerwear


Art Director/Photographer


Concept Development
Graphic Design
Location Photography
Post Production


We had the opportunity to partner with up-and-coming outerwear manufacturer Vuori on their upcoming release of their fall line of technical activewear. We worked to concept and develop a system for unveiling their new line throughout the Co-op ecosystem across various platforms, including social media and email. We presented looks for online and print as well. We leveraged a clean, progressive aesthetic in showcasing the products unique features and functionality.


The body of work didn’t present too many challenges. When working on tight timelines and small budgets we were tasked with establishing a location for shooting and hiring models that fit both the clients brand look/feel while maintaining our values in rolling out the new line of product.

Headline Main:

Rise. Shine. Repeat.

Concept Copy Main:

Blending West coast style and quality performance fabrics, Vuori is ready to get active every day, no matter where life takes you.