It's Better Out Here




REI Internal Brand - Evrgn


Sr. Designer/Art Director


Concept Development
Graphic Design
Animation Design


Evrgn - Gear For Good Times. A brand new line of outdoor products aligned to target the relational outdoor enthusiast. Fully released in early June 2015, the Evgrn product line aims to reach a relatively untapped market segment, the rooftop camper, festival goer, car camp traveler. The segments educated, in their late 20’s and established. They enjoy conversation, city rooftop parties, and festivals at the gorge. They’re curious and prefer to live life in full color.


Working along side a small team of designer and copywriter, we were tasked with launching the brands online story through the use of Rich and standard digital media. Running with the assets given, we worked to tell the story of relational adventure - “Gear for Good Times.” My role was to make this brand come to life online using standard display animations, supported with social media and an online home page takeover rich media experience.